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Wendy Sanders-Clark January 6, at After they were done, I was informed that tire rotations would be free of charge. I had my tires rotated in March of After taking my car to an auto clinic near my home, the mechanic told two of my lugs were broken. I told him I had just had my tires rotated and showed him the paperwork. The mechanic who has been in business for more than 30 years and fixes all types of cars including police cars informed me that my lugs were not replaced properly. I went to NTB and spoke to the manager P. Clark who stated he would reimburse my credit card for the repairs after showing them the receipt. When My husband examined my tires, two of my lugs are completely broken.

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What is a tire date code and where do I find it? How to determine the age of your tires Not sure how old your tires are, and don’t have the receipt from your last purchase? No worries — this is a common issue and we can show you exactly how to find out. How to find the DOT number on your tires If you look closely at the side of each of your tires, you’ll see a bunch of letters and numbers. While this may just look like a confusing jumble, it’s actually useful info.

HOW TO READ DOT IDENTIFICATION DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION SAFETY CODE. The Department of Transportation (DOT) insignia is your tire’s identification number. Think of it as a birth certificate for your tire. It shows the plant where your tire was manufactured, the week and year it was produced and more.

Interested in Toyo tires and wondering how they rate against the other guys? Here, you’ll find Toyo tire reviews covering the various tires they produce. The company was established in the s. Along with automotive tires , they manufacture automotive parts and chemical and industrial products. According to Treadepot , Toyo tires have been voted number one in product quality for the last eight years by Tire Review magazine that conducted a study of independent tire dealers.

Consumers gave high ratings to the Extensa model saying it has great gripping capabilities and comes at an affordable price. While some Toyo tire owners weren’t impressed with the tread design, the tire’s performance in all-weather conditions and overall affordability was the appealing factor. The Proxes model group did not fare as well and drivers complained of noise and slippage in wet and dry conditions.

The Proxes did last an amazing 65, miles in tread wear, however. Customers like the smooth ride of the Open Country model, saying it made an SUV ride feel more like that of a four-door sedan. Others were pleased with the fuel economy from the Open Country models but said it lacks good performance in wet or snowy conditions. The MT line up of Toyo tires fared better in winter and wet weather conditions and offered up a tread wear of 35, miles.

The MT also rated high for off-road conditions.

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Tyredating is a provider of vertical e-retail solutions dedicated to tire and automotive services. Tyredating SAS was founded in by Christophe Tesseraud in Lyon (Croix-Rousse), where the European Headquarters is currently situated. In , the POPGOM brand is launched as well as the first e-shops selling tires in Spain and France.

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Tire Date Related Categories: Tire Tech Information – Determining the Age of a Tire …Tire Identification Number The use of a partial Tire Identification Number on the one sidewall shown above reduces the risk of injury to the mold technician that would have to install the weekly date code on the top sidewall portion of a hot tire mold. The Lifespan of a Tire …definitive expiration date on tires is no easy task.

Tires carrying a heavy load or left outdoors in a desert-like environment with infrequent use are examples of the most severe service conditions. This will certainly shorten the lifespan of a tire. On the other hand, a tire that is driven only… Related Products: Tire Tech Information – Tire Warranties …for replacement tires. Consequently, a new vehicle’s registration certificate or the replacement tire’s sales invoice will establish proof of ownership and the tire’s in-service date.

If no proof of purchase is available, the week and year the tire was manufactured as identified by the DOT Tire… Related Products: And we’ve performed over 50 tests throughout the years that have included a Michelin tire. Even After Being Punctured If you’ve ever been late for a date, appointment, or meeting because of a flat tire, you already know how frustrating it can be.

If you’ve ever changed a flat tire in the rain,… Related Products: Winter Tech Information – Tire Warranties …for replacement tires. Why is the Same Tire Listed Twice?

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To find your tire’s date code, identify the code on the tire that begins with ‘DOT’. The ‘DOT’ should be followed by a series of four letters and/or numbers. You will find the 4-digit date code following this set of letters and/or numbers.

As I mentioned, there are exceptions — there is a group of guys who prefer older women, and there is a group of women who is uniquely attractive despite being older. But denying that a significant age difference is an issue is like denying that a typical woman wants to be with a guy who is taller. Many younger men appreciate the wisdom, intelligence, reponsibility and maturity an older woman brings to the relationship.

Most younger men in this study, preferred to date years older than their own age. You underestimate how many younger men are tired of the games women their age play. Again, there are exceptions, but relying on it is a risky proposition, to say the least. I am sure that Beyonce and Sophia Vergara will look great at 50 or even older, but this cannot be said about most women out there. Plenty of older women married to much younger men.

Sometimes I am more available than others. More importantly — not every woman has the same goal. I am sad to know that many older women are in denial about the fact that a big age difference is a virtually insurmountable obstacle as far as long term relationship goes. Their relationships are clearly ALL doomed to fail. Regardless of who is coming to whom, those types of relationships are doomed as far as long term goes, so the only way to enjoy them is to accept and embrace the fact that you should enjoy what you have while you have it without making too many long term plans.

It is your choice.

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Here’s how to set up your TPMS system so that you are never caught without enough air. Nov 10, Advertisement – Continue Reading Below When this warning lamp illuminates on your instrument panel, at least one of your tires is 25 percent below its correct pressure. This TPMS sensor uses a lithium battery with a five- to year life span. But you still need to keep a decent tire gauge in your glovebox. Fortunately, the new car you bought right before that Arizona spring-break road trip has air conditioning that works great, in spite of the heavy pop-up trailer and loaded roof rack weighing it down.

the new tires or in-service date of the vehicle required) or four years from the date the tire was manufactured. There are a few conditions that would possibly void the manufacture’s coverage. There are a few conditions that would possibly void the manufacture’s coverage.

And yes, most men would like to find a younger woman; and they put a premium on aspects of beauty that are tough to maintain as we age. Yet you can successfully compete with younger women. The Gorgeous One who appears anything but as soon as the mouth opens, revealing an appalling poverty of soul. Turns out, men and women everywhere seek certain core characteristics in a partner: Nowhere are hateful, stupid, cheating mates in general demand.

So there has to be substance to back up your style. Most American men prefer an average-weight woman, not a human stick insect, as women incorrectly conclude. Also, weight plumps the face, making you look younger. Research on identical twins shows that the heavier twin is usually judged as considerably younger — 7 years, in some cases — once middle age is reached before midlife, the reverse is true. Men will not, as women often assume, feel drawn in by your charm despite the false physical advertising.

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An independent tire company, Cooper Tire reviews are both positive and negative in these days of so many tire competitors. Cooper, founder of the company had three things in mind: Like most aftermarket tire company reviews , Cooper has had its share of recalls, especially in Like many independent tire manufacturers that make deals with automakers and large chain stores, Cooper is noticeably missing.

It’s true many independent tire companies of late have been absorbed by the Asian market, however, Cooper remains and to some, makes good tires at a great price.

Tire Date found in: Tire Tech Information – Determining the Age of a Tire, Tire Tech Information – Tire Warranties, The Lifespan of a Tire, 15,

Tires on Backorder-What am I looking at for a wait? As they cannot tell us, I cannot tell you how long it will take to get an item. Through experience, I would say the average wait on a tire that is backordered is around 6 weeks or so. It does… Related Products: With our automated pulling process, we can’t pull a specific DOT Tire Identification Number but we can estimate dates based on recent shipments.

Deciding When to Put on Winter Tires …not be putting on my winter tires until later in November because highs this week are expected to reach the low 60s. If I lived somewhere like Rapid City, South Dakota that has already shoveled out of one storm and is expecting another, I would be driving on snow tires. Since tire tread depth is one… Related Products: Winter Tires on Ice …the newest tires. We evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the various tires and determine which tires represent the greatest strides in winter driving perfection.

Once compiled, the test results will be shared on our website to assist you in selecting your ideal winter tire.

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Look at your tires and make sure they are not flat or damaged. Check and see what the pressure of each tire should be. Take the valve stem covers off each tire and check the air pressure with your tire gage. If the tire needs air, use your air compressor to fill the tire with air. If the tire has too much air, release the excessive air.

Tires in hot dry climates have much shorter lives than those in moderate, moist climates. Still, you want to maximize tire life when buying a new set of rubber.

Manufactured during the 40th week of the year DOT EJ8J DFM Manufactured during the 8th year of the decade While the previous Tire Identification Number format identified that a tire was built in the 8th year of a decade, there was no universal identifier that confirmed which decade tires produced in the s may have a small triangle following the Tire Identification Number to identify the decade. And finally, hold on to your sales receipt.

Most tire manufacturer’s warranties cover their tires for four years from the date of purchase or five years from the week the tires were manufactured. So if you purchase new tires that were manufactured exactly two years ago they will be covered for a total of six years four years from the date of purchase as long as you have your receipt.

If you lose your receipt, your tires’ warranty coverage will end five years from the week the tire was produced resulting in the tire manufacturer’s warranty coverage ending only three years from the date of purchase in this example. Our team of highly trained experts has the knowledge and passion to help.

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