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Edit As a human, Takizawa had short brown hair with long parted bangs and brown eyes. Like most investigators, he wore professional attire while working and had a preference for blue clothing. After the timeskip and his reappearance as a one-eyed ghoul, his physical appearance is drastically altered. He looks more monotone and frightening. His hair now white and visibly unkempt, its length past his chin. His fingernails, toenails, and lips are now black in color. He appears more tired due to the dark circles underneath his eyebrow-less eyes, one of which is where his left kakugan manifests. Clad in all black, he dons loose-fitting robes with wide, elbow-length sleeves that have a white symbol on the hood. He wears pants fitted below the knees and has wraps around his feet exposing his toes. After his restoration to sanity he wears a modification of his Aogiri Tree robes as a trench coat, black with white stripes across the midsection and on both sides of the collar.

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He is paired with Miia, a nymphomaniac lamia who quickly falls for him. As part of the Cultural Exchange bill, he is forbidden from having sex with her, under threat of Interpol intervention. Over time, he comes to meet several other extraspecies girls, which his irresponsible case manager, Ms. Smith, assigns to live with him. This leads to an escalating war for his affections, exacerbated with a new addendum to the Cultural Exchange Bill allowing interspecies marriage.

The comics were originally hosted on Pivix, the Japanese equiavlent to deviantART , where they accumulated tens of thousands of views. Reception Since its release, Monster Musume has been met with wild financial success in the East and West.

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Both of these families had two real Rath employees nurturing them, while the rest of the villagers were simulated with placeholder NPCs. The four members of Rath raised the first sixteen Artificial Fluctlights to adulthood, teaching them everything from reading and writing to cultivation of crops and rearing of livestock to the morality of good and evil, however, one of the four employees lacked ethics and unintentionally corrupted one or two of the children by passing down his egoism and desire for wealth and dominance to them.

After the Artificial Fluctlights reached the age of eighteen and started families of their own, the four humans logged out one after another by simulating an “epidemic”. The children corrupted by the egoistic Rath employee became the ancestors of the future nobles as they secured their place as elites in the world. By the time of the 5th generation, the inhabitants of the Human Empire were already ruled by several lords, who, inheriting the egoism from their ancestors, earnestly continued expanding the land they owned, thus depriving the descendants of the non-corrupted first humans of land for cultivation.

Most of the youth was then forced to work for the lords as tenant farmers, while some of them, who were not content with their social positions, set off from Centoria and traveled to the remote regions where they founded new towns and villages, like Zakkaria and Rulid Village, and thus acquired new land to cultivate.

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Her clothes often show more skin compared to Ran, mostly for the purpose of attracting guys. In Countdown to Heaven , she temporarily changes her hairstyle to a perm. Conan and Ran visit Sonoko’s mountain villa to see the autumn leaves and meet up with some old friends. On the way to the front they see a strange bandaged man in a dark cloak crossing the bridge. When they see him turn around, they are shocked at his face, as he quickly makes a retreat around the side of the house.

Everything seems fine as Ran tries to find her room, accidentally walking in on the men also staying the house.

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Edit Elizabeth is very polite, grateful, and caring, and though initially she appears to be fragile and frail, she is in fact very brave and courageous. Her selfless attitude and bravery are demonstrated when she willingly tries to rescue a child from Friesia ‘s attack, which earned her some form of respect from the Deadly Sins due to her courage.

Elizabeth is always being seen being harassed by Meliodas, but she appears to not mind it after listening to and believing Meliodas’ excuses. Despite being a princess, Elizabeth shows a lot of respect and trust towards the Seven Deadly Sins even though there are several bad rumors about them – she even addresses them with the titles, lord and lady.

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Contents [ show ] Appearance Black Rabbit is an attractive young woman with long blue hair, red eyes, and the distinct rabbit ears unique to her race “Moon Rabbit”. When emotional or ready to fight, her hair changes color to a bright pink. Her regular attire consisted of a black collar with white frills, a black, double breasted thigh length vest, a red mini skirt, black stockings supported by garters, red shoes and large wrist cuffs.

The red miniskirt possesses a Gift blessed by Shiroyasha that only allows onlookers to almost see up her skirt, due to the Demon Lord’s unique sense of ‘art’. Most of the outfit is lined with white frills and the reason for this particular outfit is because Shiroyasha promised Black Rabbit a thirty percent increase in her referee pay. At home, Black Rabbit possesses a wardrobe full of other clothes, including questionable ones that Shiroyasha forced her to wear. Asuka’s dress was one of those outfits.

Personality Black Rabbit is a very earnest and loyal woman, always trying her best to support her friends and community. She usually maintains an upbeat, cheerful attitude and rarely loses her cool in serious or strenuous situations. When being teased or humiliated by her friends, however, Black Rabbit is very easily excited and flustered.

Due to being a moon rabbit, Black Rabbit is naturally compassionate and very selfless, willing to give herself up for the sake of her friends.

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An ordinary, shy teenage boy who’s deeply in love with his long term crush Haruna Sairenji, but has ”the” worst luck when it comes to love much less telling her how he feels about her. After sulking in his bathtub one night, a sexy naked pink-haired girl emerges from his tub. Turns out that said girl — Lala — is an extraterrestrial royal princess from the faraway planet of Deviluke looking for an excuse not to go home, setting off Rito’s daily routine of trouble and unintentional perversions which get more and more ridiculous as the series progresses.

So much so that he can even resist [[CharmPerson Sephie Deviluke]]’s natural allure without issue. She mentions that the only other person to share this iron clad resolve is her husband.

Dating Was The Easiest! Ch Prologue Apr 21, click to show all of the chapters. Comments. Add comment More comments >> Topics. People are sharing things. What was your first yaoi that you ever read? “My darling is an English gentleman” by Araya Miki. The plot is the ultimate cliche – a yo.

Basara is an ex-member of the Hero-clan. He lives with his two step sisters who are both Demons. Basara is determined no matter what to protect Mio Naruse from anyone wanting to cause harm to her. Personality Basara suffers from having frequent nightmares involving a tall, cloaked man wielding a sword, and a crying girl. He is also compassionate and firmly believes in the idea of “family”. The three way battle caused a huge dimensional rift to open leading to another dimension, and one trapped there together the three developed feelings for one another, leading to a intimate moment between the three of them once they had escaped from which Basara was conceived between Sapphire and Jin.

Realizing that the unborn Basara would be put at risk from the scandal of a top tier human warrior bedding the younger sister of the demon lord Raphaelie transferred the unborn child into herself and intended to raise him inside of the god realm. Unfortunately the gods did not take kindly to the hybrid offspring and attempted to execute both him and his mother, though she was being aided by a select few other gods such as Afureia.

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We are plain and simple creatures. He is also proficient in the art of escape from the Shinsengumi formerly , penitentiaries and explosives. Contents Background Young Katsura and his grandmother visit his parents’ graves in Episode In his childhood, Katsura’s parents died due to an illness. He and his grandmother were then stripped of their home and for some time they wandered the streets, homeless.

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And this is about Mio’s action. What does this have to do with Eunju’s priorities. You somehow manage to inject her in components of the discussion that aren’t even about her. And this whole she has to right to think only of herself is getting old, it isn’t relevant to the discussion. And it is entirely disingenuous. Actually, I sincerely thought you were talking about Eunju, because from the moment I agreed that Mio had the right to do it in that she had the might, I thought we had both reached an agreement, even more so because you chose not to discuss that.

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The grandson of a master karuta player, Arata inspired Chihaya to take up karuta by telling her that he thinks she has a talent for it. He had difficulty fitting in because of his Fukui dialect and his family’s poverty. His passion for karuta and his playing style are inspired by his grandfather, a Meijin master. Contents Appearance Arata’s Appearance Arata has spikey black hair. He has almond-shaped blue eyes, reminiscent of water, which are covered with thin round glasses. As a child, Arata’s hair was shorter and he wore a white shirt with blue sleeves, on the shirt it said “World Sports 4”.

His older outfit consists of a grey t-shirt under a black hoodie with the letters “ER” over on the right side of his chest, simple jeans light, and red sneakers. Personality Arata is a kind, but quiet person who loves to play karuta. He is very caring, serious and lacks some confidence. However, he is not meek. Arata is also very intelligent, and is excellent when it comes to memorizing in one day he memorized the stops he had to go to deliver newspapers.

When it comes to karuta, he practices very hard. He is very passionate about his dream on being the Meijin of karuta one day.

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